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Barr-Harris Children's Workshops

Barr-Harris Children's Workshops

Barr-Harris Children’s Grief Center Workshops 2012 DOWNTOWN CHICAGO WORKSHOPS122 S. Michigan ADOLESCENT BEREAVEMENT            Date:                Saturday, March 31, 2012            Instructors:       Barbara Hozinsky, M.Ed., LCPC  and Colin Pereira-Webber, M.AHELPING A CHILD WITH A DYING PARENT            Date:                Saturday, April 7, 2012Instructors:       Johanna Sonnenfeld, LCSW and Sharon Williams, LCSWSIBLING LOSSDate:                Saturday, April 14, 2012Instructor:        Judith Feigon Schiffman, LCSW  COMPLICATED LOSSES IN CHILDHOOD            Date:                Saturday, April 21, 2012Instructor:        Sharon Williams, LCSWVISITATION RESISTANCE, ABUSE, AND CUSTODY ISSUES FOR CHILDREN OF DIVORCE            Date:                Saturday, April 28, 2012Instructors:       Barbara Hozinsky, M.Ed., LCPC and Doris Libman, M.S., LCPCVIOLENCE AND LOSS Date:                Saturday, May 5, 2012            Instructor:        Sharon Williams, LCSWCHILDHOOD BEREAVEMENTDate:                Saturday, May 19, 2012            Instructors:       Judith Feigon Schiffman, LCSW and Sarah Vernon, LSW                                     NORTH SUBURBAN WORKSHOPS Barr-Harris/Lauri Bauer Children’s Grief Center1020 Milwaukee, Deerfield
CHILDHOOD BEREAVEMENTDate:                Saturday, April 21, 2012            Instructors:       Judith Feigon Schiffman, LCSW and Sarah Vernon, LSWVISITATION RESISTANCE, ABUSE AND CUSTODY ISSUES FOR CHILDREN OF DIVORCEDate:                Saturday, May 12, 2012Instructor:        Doris Libman, M.S., LCPC All workshops 9 am- 12 noon. The cost for each workshop is $35.  CEU’S available.
See attached flyer for details and registration or call 312-9227474.
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